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## Benchmarks
### Communication mode comparison Supermuc Phase 1 Sandybridge
Communication mode comparison test on Supermuc with 10M mesh cells per proc with different communication modes and different number of cores.
Hardware: Supermuc Phase 1 Thin Nodes. Intel Sandy Bridge-EP Xeon E5-2680 8C @2.7GHz, 16 Cores per node.
mpiexec -n {ranks} ./8_unstructured_haloex {flags} -v1 -n 10M -i100
where `{ranks}` is the number of cores, `{flags}` is [`collective`, `p2p`, `p2p-sync`, `p2p-ready`].
As Supermuc Phase 1 Thin nodes are 8 core dual socket systems, 16 tasks per node are used.
## Known issues
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