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......@@ -449,18 +449,6 @@ QUANTUM ESPRESSO is written mostly in Fortran90, and parallelised using MPI and
- Test Case B:
- Run instructions:
# SHOC <a name="shoc"></a>
The Scalable HeterOgeneous Computing (SHOC) benchmark suite is a collection of benchmark programs testing the performance and stability of systems using computing devices with non-traditional architectures
for general purpose computing. It serves as synthetic benchmark suite in the UEABS context. Its initial focus is on systems containing Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and multi-core processors, featuring implementations using both CUDA and OpenCL. It can be used on clusters as well as individual hosts.
Also, SHOC includes an Offload branch for the benchmarks that can be used to evaluate the Intel Xeon Phi x100 family.
The SHOC benchmark suite currently contains benchmark programs, categoried based on complexity. Some measure low-level "feeds and speeds" behavior (Level 0), some measure the performance of a higher-level operation such as a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) (Level 1), and the others measure real application kernels (Level 2).
- Web site:
- Code download:
- Build instructions:
- Run instructions:
# SPECFEM3D <a name="specfem3d"></a>
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