Commit 854c5a81 authored by Dirk Brömmel's avatar Dirk Brömmel
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Limit CI to simple test

Removing attempt to push the updated `example.pdf` to the repository.
Any credentials can be leaked via a change to `.gitlab-ci.yml`, so I
don't think this can be done in a safe way.
parent 1e360ac5
stages: stages:
- build - build
- deploy
build-example: build-example:
stage: build stage: build
...@@ -16,30 +15,3 @@ build-example: ...@@ -16,30 +15,3 @@ build-example:
when: on_success when: on_success
paths: paths:
- example/example.pdf - example/example.pdf
stage: deploy
- build-example
- docker
image: blang/latex:ubuntu
# I assume for this to work, I need to set up those variables in the repo
# This is likely not a good idea, adding access tokens...
# (they can easily leak with a change to .gitlab-ci.yml)
- echo "${CI_ACCESS_TOKEN}"
- echo "${CI_EMAIL}"
- echo "${CI_USERNAME}"
- echo "${CI_PROJECT_PATH}.git"
- echo "${CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME}"
- ls
- git config --global "${CI_EMAIL}"
- git config --global "${CI_USERNAME}"
- git add example/example.pdf
- git commit -m "Compiled PDF from $CI_COMMIT_SHORT_SHA [skip ci]" || echo "No changes, nothing to commit!"
- git remote rm origin && git remote add origin${CI_PROJECT_PATH}
# - git push origin HEAD:$CI_COMMIT_REF_NAME # Pushes to the same branch as the trigger
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