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more info about what this site is for

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......@@ -4,8 +4,11 @@ root: . # Is the only page that doesn't follow the pattern /:path/index.html
permalink: index.html # Is the only page that doesn't follow the pattern /:path/index.html
For guidelines on how to develop curriculum content, please visit [The Carpentries Curriculum Development Handbook](
This lesson shows how to use [The Carpentries]({{ site.carpentries_site}})
lesson template.
lesson template. The materials below assume familiarity with tools such as GitHub, Markdown, and Jekyll. For more guidance, please visit the [Technological introductions]( section of The Carpentries Curriculum Development Handbook.
For guidelines on how to help improve our lessons and this template,
please see [the contribution guidelines][contributing];
for guidelines on how to set up your machine to preview changes locally,
Supports Markdown
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