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## Compilation instructions
The pre-requisites are:
* CMake 2.8.10 or higher. CMake >= 3.0.0 if you want to build everything.
* A C++ compiler
* For advanced examples, C++11/14, OpenMP support, MPI, ISPC, CUDA, OpenCL ...
In order to build the code, follow the typical CMake steps for an
out-of-source build:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
make install # optional
## How to contribute
Any contributions (new code samples, bug fixes, improvements etc.) are
warmly welcome. In order to contribute, please follow the standard
Gitlab workflow:
1. Fork the project into your personal space
2. Create a feature branch
3. Work on your contributions
4. Push the commit(s) to your fork
5. Submit a merge request to the master branch
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