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......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ Follow the compilation instructions given in the main directory of the kernel sa
Assuming that the input file `primes.wi` is in your current working directory, to run the program you may use something similar to
mpirun -n [nprocs] ./5_structured_wireworld_c primes
mpirun -n [nprocs] ./5_structured_wireworld_c primes.wi
either on the command line or in your batch script. Note that only the input file's basename (omitting the file extension) is passed to the program.
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ For large numbers as arguments to the option `-g`, the suffixes 'k' or 'M' may b
If you run
mpirun -n 12 ./5_structured_wireworld_c -i 10 -g 50k -v 2 --nprocs-x 3 primes
mpirun -n 12 ./5_structured_wireworld_c -i 10 -g 50k -v 2 --nprocs-x 3 primes.wi
the output should look similar to
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