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......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ The equations of the (time-dependent) density functional theory within the PAW m
The program offers several parallelization levels. The most basic parallelization strategy is domain decomposition over the real-space grid. In magnetic systems it is possible to parallelize over spin, and in systems that have k-points (surfaces or bulk systems) parallelization over k-points is also possible. Furthermore, parallelization over electronic states is possible in DFT and in real-time TD-DFT calculations. GPAW is written in Python and C and parallelized with MPI.
- Web site:
- Code download: [gpaw GitLab repository]() or [gpaw on
- Code download: [gpaw GitLab repository]( or [gpaw on
- Build instructions: [gpaw README, section "Mechanics of building the benchmark"](gpaw/
- Benchmarks:
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