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# UEABS Releases
## Version 2.0 (PRACE-5IP MS31, May 31, 2018)
* Reconstructed this versioned git repository from a "flat" web site representation
* Merged back the (Version 1.2 based) Accelerator Benchmark Suite:
+ Added PFARM and SHOC
+ Added: files (for the 11 accelerator benchmark applications)
## Version 1.3 (PRACE-4IP, May 31, 2017)
* CP2K: updated build instructions and datasets
* QCD: new version of code and dataset
* ALYA: new datasets
* Code_Saturne: new code version, build instructions, and datasets
* Quantum Espresso: new build/run instructions
## Accelerator Benchmark Suite (PRACE-4IP, April 30, 2017)
This started as a fork / subset of UEABS Version 1.2:
* Removed: Gadget, GENE, NEMO, QCD except kernel E
* Added: PFARM and SHOC
* Added: files
## Version 1.2 (PRACE-4IP MS29, October 31, 2016)
* GENE: new version of code and additional new dataset.
* GPAW: new version of code and new dataset.
* GROMACS: new version of code and updated dataset.
* NAMD: new version of code and minor build and run instructions updates.
* NEMO: new version of code and replaced dataset.
## Version 1.1 (PRACE-3IP, May 31, 2014)
* ALYA: new version of code and new datasets.
* Code_Saturne: additional large dataset, using tetrahedralelements.
* CP2K: new build instructions.
* GPAW: new dataset with reduced runtime.
## Version 1.0 (PRACE-2IP, October 31, 2013)
* Initial Release
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