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......@@ -59,13 +59,12 @@ The original version of the code is written in C for pre-postprocessing, IO hand
The equations are solved iteratively using time-marching algorithms, and most of the time spent during a time step is usually due to the computation of the velocity-pressure coupling, for simple physics. For this reason, the two test cases chosen for the benchmark suite have been designed to assess the velocity-pressure coupling computation, and rely on the same configuration, with a mesh 8 times larger for Test Case B than for Test Case A, the time step being halved to ensure a correct Courant number.
- Web site:
- Code download:
- Code download:
- Disclaimer: please note that by downloading the code from this website, you agree to be bound by the terms of the GPL license.
- Build and Run instructions:
- Test Case A:
- Test Case B:
- Build and Run instructions: [code_saturne/Code_Saturne_Build_Run_5.3_UEABS.pdf](code_saturne/Code_Saturne_Build_Run_5.3_UEABS.pdf)
- Test Case A:
- Test Case B:
# CP2K <a name="cp2k"></a>
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