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Building Instructions | Benchmark Galaxies Collision
Environment software need in the system: MPI (e.g., MPICH, OpenMPI, IntelMPI), FFTW3, GSL, HDF5
1. Load the environment modules necessary to compile and run the code, e.g,
module load \
data/HDF5/1.10.6-gompi-2020a \
numlib/FFTW/3.3.8-gompi-2020a \
2. In Makefile.systype select the machine you are using
3. In folder buildsystem make sure you have the and (xxx = cluster name)
set with the proper paths and compilation options, respectively.
4. Compile the code
make EXEC=gadget4-collgal
5. mkdir gallcol_run
6. cp gadget4-collgal gallcol_run
7. You need the extra files to run the code: param.txt and TREECOOL (they are in the folder gadget4/examples/CollidingGalaxiesSFR)
Make sure that in param.txt you set the path to the initial conditions file.
8. set your SLURM configuration file to your needs and launch the run.
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