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git clone
## 4. Compiling the application
The QE-GPU gives more details but for the benchmark suite we followed
this general procedure:
## 4. Compiling and installing the application
1. Uncompress the main QE distribution and copy the GPU source distribution inside:
This distribution does not have a ```configure``` command. Instead you make
changes directly in the `````` file.
``` shell
tar zxvf espresso-5.4.0.tar.gz
cp 5.4.0.tar.gz espresso-5.4.0`
2. Uncompress the GPU source inside main distribution and create a symbolic link:
``` shell
cd espresso-5.4.0
tar zxvf 5.4.0.tar.gz
ln -s QE-GPU-5.4.0 GPU`
3. Run QE-GPU configure and make:
``` shell
cd GPU
./configure --enable-parallel --enable-openmp --with-scalapack=intel \
--enable-cuda --with-gpu-arch=Kepler \
--with-cuda-dir=/usr/local/cuda/7.0.1 \
--without-magma --with-phigemm
cd ..
make -f Makefile.gpu pw-gpu
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