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......@@ -32,22 +32,30 @@ This version was tested with the Intel Compilers 2017.1, bullxmpi- and NV
Alya can be used with just MPI or hybrid MPI-OpenMP parallelism. Standard execution mode is to rely on MPI only.
- Uncompress the source and configure the depending Metis library and Alya build options:
tar xvf alya-prace-acc.tar.bz2
- Edit the file 'Alya/Thirdparties/metis-4.0/' to select the compiler and target platform. Uncomment the specific lines and add optimization parameters, e.g.
- Then build Metis4
$ cd Alya/Executables/unix
$ make metis4
- For Alya there are several example configurations, copy one, e.g. for Intel Compilers:
- Edit the
Add the corresponding platform optimization flags to FCFLAGS, e.g.
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