Commit f8da2b54 authored by Cedric Jourdain's avatar Cedric Jourdain 🐵
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Add env marconi100

parent 30b3806d
module purge
module load profile/base
module load xl/16.1.1--binary spectrum_mpi/10.3.1--binary cuda/11.0
export machine=marconi100
export software=specfem3d_globe
export version=31octobre
export install_dir=$CINECA_SCRATCH/benchmarks/$machine/$software/$version
# Power9
export CC="mpixlc"
export FC="mpixlf"
export MPIFC=mpixlf
#DEBUG="-qcheck -g -qsigtrap" # -qstackprotect=all -> internal compiler error :
#FLAGS_CHECK="-g -qfullpath -O2 -qsave -qstrict -qtune=qp -qarch=qp -qcache=auto -qhalt=w -qfree=f90 -qsuffix=f=f90 -qlanglvl=95pure -Q -Q+rank,swap_all -Wl,-relax"
#FLAGS_CHECK="-g -qfullpath -qsave -qtune=auto -qarch=auto -qcache=auto -qhalt=w -qfree=f90 -qsuffix=f=f90 -qlanglvl=2003pure"
export FCFLAGS="-O3 -DUSE_FP32 -DOPT_STREAMS -qpic $FLAGS_CHECK $DEBUG" #-mcmodel=large -qoffload
export CFLAGS="-O3 -qpic $FLAGS_CHECK $DEBUG" #-qoffload
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