Avatar API

Introduced in GitLab 11.0

Get a single avatar URL

Get a single avatar URL for a given email address. If user with matching public email address is not found, results from external avatar services are returned. This endpoint can be accessed without authentication. In case public visibility is restricted, response will be 403 Forbidden when unauthenticated.

GET /avatar?email=admin@example.com
Attribute Type Required Description
email string yes Public email address of the user
size integer no Single pixel dimension (since images are squares). Only used for avatar lookups at Gravatar or at the configured Libravatar server
curl https://gitlab.example.com/api/v4/avatar?email=admin@example.com

Example response:

  "avatar_url": "https://www.gravatar.com/avatar/e64c7d89f26bd1972efa854d13d7dd61?s=80\u0026d=identicon"