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Fix typos in main README

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......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ A C or Fortran compiler supporting OpenMP is needed for building the code. Simpl
be built and run as:
- gcc -o exe -fopenmp exercise.c
- gfortran -o exe -fopenmp exercise.c
- gfortran -o exe -fopenmp exercise.F90
where gcc/gfortran and -fopenmp should be replaced by proper compiler commands
and options if you are not using the GNU compilers.
......@@ -22,10 +22,10 @@ For more complex cases a Makefile is provided.
for/do loop (C and Fortran versions). Level: **basic**
- [Vector sum and race condition](race-condition) A basic example of race
condition and various ways for resolving it (C and Fortran versions).
Level: **intemediate**
Level: **intermediate**
- [Using OpenMP tasks for dynamic parallelization](tasks) Utilising OpenMP
task construct for more dynamic parallelization (C and Fortran versions).
Level: **intemediate**
Level: **intermediate**
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