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### Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe 
### LaTeX package for a PRACE-RI whitepaper.
### (c) CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd.
###   author: Martti Louhivuori (

Enable the writing of a PRACE-RI project report in LaTeX with minimal 
typographical effort. Uses a pre-defined document class 'prace' that 
automatically sets the correct document style and layout as well as 
provides custom macros for the ease-of-use of the writer.

prace.cls       LaTeX document class
template.tex    PRACE-RI whitepaper template
prace-logo.png  logo of PRACE (used by prace.cls)
prace-logo.eps   "

example.tex     example of a filled-in template
example.pdf     example PRACE-RI whitepaper
example.png     figure used in the example whitepaper
example.eps      "

1) copy 'template.tex' to 'yourname_yourproject.tex'
2) fill in all the required information in 'yourname_yourproject.tex' using 
   your favorite text editor
3) convert .tex to .pdf, e.g. 'pdflatex yourname_yourproject'
4) send the resulting PDF to PRACE

\author[<affiliation>]{<name of the author>}

  Defines the name and affiliation(s) of an author. The affiliation(s) 
  should be given as a comma-separated list of integers corresponding to 
  the order of \affiliation definitions.


  Flags the following \author definition as the corresponding author.

\affiliation{<name and address>}

  Defines the name and address of an affiliation. The syntax should be 
  'Name, Street, Postcode and City, Country'.

\project{<project ID>}

  Defines the project code of the PRACE project.

\email{<e-mail address>}

  Defines the e-mail address of the corresponding author.

\tel{<telephone number>}

  Defines the telephone number of the corresponding author. The syntax 
  should be '+0-000-000-0000'.

\fax{<fax number>}

  Defines the fax number of the corresponding author. The syntax should 
  be '+0-000-000-0000'.

All these macros should be used in the pre-amble of the document, so that 
all the required information is defined before calling \maketitle. In the 
main body of the document you can use default LaTeX commands for sections, 
figures etc., but you should refer to the comments in the 'template.tex' 
for further information regarding the required structure, syntax and 
nomenclature in a PRACE-RI whitepaper.