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reference to the webpage of the lesson + goodfirst

This contribution adds reference to the web page of the lesson in the Carpentries and makes it easier for visitors who want to contribute to get familiar with the good first issue badge.
This adds a list of current maintainers to the
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[![Create a Slack Account with us](](
This repository generates the corresponding lesson website from [The Carpentries]( repertoire of lessons.
## Contributing
......@@ -13,9 +13,21 @@ We'd like to ask you to familiarize yourself with our [Contribution Guide](CONTR
the [more detailed guidelines][lesson-example] on proper formatting, ways to render the lesson locally, and even
how to write new episodes.
Please see the current list of [issues][] for ideas for contributing to this
repository. For making your contribution, we use the GitHub flow, which is
nicely explained in the chapter [Contributing to a Project]( in Pro Git
by Scott Chacon.
Look for the tag ![good_first_issue]( This indicates that the mantainers will welcome a pull request fixing this issue.
## Maintainer(s)
Current maintainers of this lesson are
## Authors
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