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Add note about title casing to style guide
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......@@ -183,4 +183,16 @@ Please label links with meaningful texts, in order to [improve
accessibility](https://webaccess.berkeley.edu/ask-pecan/click-here). Please avoid
`click here` or similar.
## Title Casing
Lesson and episode titles should be written in title case e.g.
> Saving the World, One Commit at a Time
An exception should be made where the title includes the name of a tool/library/command that must be typed in lower case when used, e.g.
> Data Visualisation with `matplotlib`
(In HTML files, such as the workshop schedule and syllabus files in the [workshop webpage template](https://github.com/carpentries/workshop-template), tool/command/library names such as `matplotlib` in the example above can be correctly formatted using `<code></code>` tags.)
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