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NEW draft for cyprus F2F

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F2F in Cyprus draft presentations
This is WIP presentation intended to be presented at the Cyprus F2F.
EUABS all hands presentation
4IP project, what's inside ?:
- UEABS on PCP machines
- INRIA work
A project with tight deadlines
- Wrapup machine access dates planned vs actual
- Draft for the deliverable planned to be submited on 13th of December
4IP project, PMO side
- milestone issued (and updated)
- deliverable work in progress: reflexion/presentation at session
UEABS on PCP machines:
- plan code/machines BCOs
Session at ???
- 1. deliverable quick talk and brainstorming
- 2. current work overview with folling prez (cf attendants table)
EUABS session presentation
deliverable: comments/questions
- 4IP project intro
- Machine specs
- intro: ref to previous deliverable
- each code
- what's new
- few comments on scalability
- wrap table
- Conclusion
UEABS part:
results tables: comments questions
each code presentation
- keep clear what's new from UEABS point of view, not because you're new to the code
Code presentations:
- Specfem
- les autres
EUABS Specfem3D_Globe presentation
Quick prez
- fortran
- X lines of code
- sismic code
Code version change on KNL
- versioning is quite difficult
- previously used intel modified version based on 7.0 version
- Intel didn't released publicly the code, so it's still not officialy available
- Decided to move back to the official version git rev = ??
KNL results
- lost ~ x5 compared to the intel version which is pretty big
- perf & energy table
- WIP looking at atos results with UEABS test case
- WIP compilation
- no version change
UEABS Wrapup Session
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