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IMPROVE atos eergy stack

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......@@ -32,10 +32,33 @@ Each compute node has a theoritical peak performance of 2.765 TFlop/s (double pr
Energy sampling technology
Current and voltage sensors based on Hall-effect sensor with a linear sensitivity in range 0-200 A. The sampling occurs at the node level at up to the frequency of 50 kHz and is provided through a HDEEM FPGA on each node.
Power measurements at node level occurs at the sampling rate of 1 kHz at converters and 100 Hz at CPU/DRAM. It is provided through a HDEEM FPGA on each node
`Atos/Bull`_ allow energy access through two frameworks, namely HDEEM VIZualization (HDEEVIZ) and Bull Energy Optimizer (BEO).
- SLURM synchronisation + initialisation
- HDEEM writing results to local storage
- Grafana: Graphical user interface
Here's an example of usage in a submission script:
.. code-block:: shell
#SBATCH -time 00:30:00
#SBATCH -J Specfem3D_Globe
#SBATCH -n 89
module load intel/17.2 intelmpi/2018.0.061
module load hdeeviz/hdeeviz_intelmpi_2018.0.061
hdeeviz mpirun -n 89 $PWD/bin/xspecfem3D
.. _GENCI login opening form:
.. _cines-login-form-odt:
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