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# Alya - Large Scale Computational Mechanics
Alya is a simulation code for high performance computational mechanics. Alya solves coupled multiphysics problems using high performance computing techniques for distributed and shared memory supercomputers, together with vectorization and optimization at the node level.
......@@ -31,6 +30,7 @@ This version was tested with the Intel Compilers 2017.1, bullxmpi- and NV
Alya can be used with just MPI or hybrid MPI-OpenMP parallelism. Standard execution mode is to rely on MPI only.
0.-Uncompress the file alya-prace-acc.tar.bz2
1.-"cd Alya/Thirdparties/metis-4.0/"
-Edit the file '' to select the compiler and target platform. Uncomment the specific lines and add optimization parameters, e.g. CC = icc -xCORE-AVX2
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