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Documentation on the lesson template formatted according to the template's own rules.
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The layout of this repository is explained in [this site's episodes][rendered].
In brief:
1.  The source for pages that appear as direct items in the navigation bar
    are stored in the root directory.
2.  Source files for lesson episodes are stored in `_episodes`
    so that we can make use of [Jekyll collections][collections];
    `_episodes/` generates `/01-xyz/index.html`,
    which can be linked to using `/01-xyz/`.
3.  Files that appear under the "extras" menu pulldown are stored in `_extras`.
4.  Figures and other files are stored in the `files` directory,
    while data sets are stored in `data`
    and source code for examples in `code`.
Copy `_config_template.yml` to create `_config.yml` and then edit the
settings in the top half.
For a list of helpful commands run `make` in this directory.
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If you are looking for things to work on,
please see [the list of issues for this repository][issues].