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.. _e4_gpu:

Power8 + GPU

This machine has been designed by `E4 computer engineering`_ and is hosted at CINECA_ in Bologna, Italy.

.. note:: In order to access the machine BCO should register on the `CINECA user datatabase`_ and ask `Victor Cameo Ponz`_ to be added to the 4IP-extension project.

Compute technology

Hardware features fat-nodes with the following design:
 * 45 nodes with x2 IBM POWER8 processors and x4 NVIDIA P100 GPU
 * intranode comunications integrated using NVLink
 * extranode comunications integrated using Infiniband ERD interconnect
 * CPU and GPU liquid cooling based on CoolIT_ solution

Energy sampling technology

.. _E4 computer engineering:
.. _CINECA user datatabase:
.. _CoolIT:
.. _Victor Cameo Ponz: